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My name is Emma Broughton

I am a Wiltshire-based Embroidery tutor, Author and fabric designer with expertise in hand embroidery, screen printing, and digital fabric design.


I graduated from the Royal School of Needlework and the University of the Creative Arts and Write the 2019 book on 'Embroidered Boxes.'

My passion is creating unique designs for embroidered boxes and offering online embroidery kits and classes under the name Fairy Wren Embroidery.

Photograph of Emma Broughton of Fairy Wren Embroidery


Goldwork Strawberry on silk mounted in ring frame

Introduction to Goldwork

Online and In person Class

Next Class: TBC


Blackwork shaded Strawberry on linen

Introduction to Blackwork

Online and In person Class

Next Class: March 20th


Small Gift box with Heart Embroidery

Introduction to Box making

In person Class

Next Class: 17th June

In Person


Stumpwork Flowers close up
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