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Embroidered Boxes Book

Techniques and Projects

The book provides instructions and patterns for creating a variety of embroidered boxes using different specialist techniques such as surface embroidery, stumpwork, and goldwork.


It includes step-by-step instructions, photographs, and illustrations to guide readers through the process of designing and constructing the boxes. The book also covers the selection of materials, tools, and techniques needed to create these beautiful embroidered boxes.

Book Reviews

SM, UK Amazon

"This is a must have book for box making. Lot's of great tips and techniques and I am very pleased with this purchase."
"This is the first new book on hand sewn boxes for many years. Very clear illustrated instructions on up to date techniques using modern supplies like tape instead of PVA, some nice projects to follow, I am delighted with this"

K. DiPietro, US Amazon

"Many beautiful little embroidered box projects with clear instructions and good step by step photos. It's not simply taping or gluing the fabric to the paper board, it's also stitching the fabric-covered panels together. That's a little intimidating to me, but this attention to detail in the methods makes these handmade boxes so lovely and refined. The projects are inspiring. Really nice book."
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